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Relationship Counselling & Psychotherapy

Our success, both professionally and socially, is dependent on productive relationships. Good relationships provide us with the support and confidence that enables us to succeed in life. But when relationships fail the results may be devastating.

Sensitive counselling can be of great help in providing us with the opportunity to examine our relationships in order to understand them better.

Past and formative relationships have a powerful effect on the here and now even though we may not be aware of their influences. These past and influential relationships are often largely outside our conscious memories. Usually, distant memories, cannot easily be accessed, but through counselling, they are drawn out and explored.

One of the reasons distant memories have been made inaccessible is because they were very upsetting and caused a lot of anxiety. However, the forgotten memory still affects the here and now. Working with the Counsellor, in a sensitive and confidential way can bring this memory to life and the ramifications modified to a less traumatic way.

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