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Depression Counselling & Psychotherapy

We may be aware of what has caused us to be depressed but sometimes, depressive feelings can happen out of the blue. These feelings are often disabling, making it hard for us to function. We may even not be aware that we are depressed, but struggle with the symptoms. Our energy, hopes and zest for life, disappear. Work suffers alongside our personal relationships. It is a serious state, which can be intermittent and not easy to accept. We can often mask depression in various ways, such as using drink and drugs or by some manic activities.

The causes of depression may not be apparent and can often relate to long forgotten episodes in our history or development. They may also relate to our childhood environment, which includes our primary carers as well as our home and school experiences. Sometimes knowing the event that has triggered the depression can be a starting point for our exploration, as this knowledge does not necessarily bring relief.

The depressive state is often masked by anger, which can also be turned against oneself. This can then result in a feeling of depletion and lethargy. Counselling helps to establish perspective and allows us to work towards finding the source of the difficulty.

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