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Anxiety Counselling & Psychotherapy

Such feelings may be intermittent and general in nature or they may be triggered by specific events. Anxiety may make us uneasy and exaggerate our responses to events.

These feelings cause us to feel concern for no reason or when they are more powerful, they can be overwhelming. We find ways of coping with these stressful emotions and may use drink and drugs to bring us temporary relief but in the long term, this behaviour can do us harm.

Anxiety can and often does, inhibit the way we function in many areas of our lives. Feelings influence how we react to work demands (often felt as intolerable pressure) and spill into our personal life as well. Anxiety saps our energy and determination.

One of the ways we may respond is that we become too preoccupied, too tentative and this distorts our reactions. This, in turn, robs us of the joyful and carefree part of our life. We are unable to be spontaneous and our creativity is limited.

The issues are felt in the here and now, but often the feelings are a response to events in our past. Counselling helps establish perspectives and allows us to work towards finding the source of the difficulty.

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